Elder Seth Barrus

Elder Seth Barrus
Jakarta Indonesia Mission May2013-2015

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Gospel of Transformation

Behold the Lord did not make Elder Barrus mighty in writing as He did in speaking, so his letters may seem insufficient for the natural eyes of man. But needless to say, what he has written, is written and when he gets home, you better prepare yourself for an onslaught of stories and miraculous experiences that the Lord allowed him to experience. Ha ha! I sooo wish I could just describe in detail everything that happened this last week!! But Nxxxxxxxxxx is coming to the office in like 30 minutes to learn and if I tried, this email would be pages upon pages. So I'll include the highlights:

Brother Axxxxxxxxxx is getting baptized next Sunday! He came to church, we gave him a white short sleeve shirt and he brought a tie, because he wanted to get up and bear his testimony. While up at the pulpit, he pretty much promised to the congregation that he was getting baptized next week. So that seems pretty solid to us. :) We taught everything from the Word of Wisdom to repentance last week and he's game to do it all. He is a former investigator from 2 years ago, but lost contact with the missionaries and so when we called 2 weeks ago, he thought it was an angelic manifestation from God that he needs to join with this church now. We're getting excited for him.

Axxxx is just going along fine. His parents agreed to come to the mission office at Senopati this Saturday to chat with President and Sister Donald about the church and Axxxx' baptism so keep your fingers crossed and prayers heavenward that everything will work out. We taught about the Plan of Salvation again and this time we got to teach a few more things that we usually don't teach with the usual investigator. It's just a perfect plan. There's no way the smartest man on earth could come up with a better plan. I love teaching it because we're the only church who teaches clearly where we're going. And others like that too. 

For the first time on my mission, an inactive member had his faith strengthened enough to the point where he committed to come back to church. He was baptized in Malang 3 years ago, moved to Jakarta and there was a miscommunication between the two branches and his information was just lost. Missionaries finally got in contact with him about a year ago, but by that point, he had already gotten involved with other friends and their church. Their friends came along and saw the Book of Mormon and burned it. The last time we went over there, 4 months ago, he wanted nothing of the church. He bashed on it and tried to tell us off. We went over there this last week and he started off with some of these questions he's gotten that really shook his still new testimony. We felt an impression to ignore those questions off and focus on the Book of Mormon. He said he's heard it was just false writings and totally plagiarized, but he's read enough to know that it's all good stuff in there. And he told us where Joseph Smith's source was. And we asked him "From what you've read, if it wasn't from God, where else could have it been from?" That was an important step for him to receive the rest of the lesson and commit to come back. It was just an awesome lesson full of the spirit. This gospel truly is a gospel of transformation.

Same thing with Brother Bxxxx. The first couple times Elder Simanungkalit and I went over there, he was sooo confused about the Book of Mormon. He always just pushed us away by saying "I just like reading the Bible. It's more clear." But his awesome wife, Sister Lely's been reading with him every day and last Saturday, we asked him how it was going and he said "The Book of Mormon is more clear on points of doctrine than the Bible. I like reading the Book of Mormon more." Ha ha! We just about died! He committed to come to church next week to see another baptism and see Sister Lely give a talk. 

Elder Jones and Elder Troff's investigator, Nxxxx, got baptized yesterday too. Good things are happening in our little Jakarta 1st Ward.

Axxx and Nxxxxxxxx are doing great. :) Axxx was sick yesterday so couldn't come to church and Nxxxxxxx keeps chugging along. He still says he hasn't gotten an answer yet. But he likes our church. And enjoys our gospel conversations. He opened up a lot last week, so we're hoping that translates to some better lessons here in the near future. Like in 10 minutes. :) 

I reread President Uchtdorf's talk about "Receiving a Testimony of Light and Truth" and this is what stuck out to me: "If you want to recognize spiritual truths, you have to use the right instruments. You can't come to an understanding of spiritual truth with instruments that are unable to detect it... Gradually, things that before seemed hazy, dark, and remote become clear, bright and familiar to us." It's like trying to eat your corn flakes with a butter knife. We're always taught to focus on the Book of Mormon and teach with the spirit. Some investigators want us to prove to them the truth using the Bible, but we wouldn't be using the right tools that would enable them to see. 

Psalms 94:16
Maju tentara Kristus! Maju Berperang! (Forward soldier of Christ! Forward Fight!)
Elder Seth Barrus

This is our "Read the Book of Mormon in 80 days" tracking sheet. President Donald received some revelation about how to increase the spirituality of our mission and this is what he came up with. It's awesome!

Elder Jones and Elder Troff. Those elders...

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