Elder Seth Barrus

Elder Seth Barrus
Jakarta Indonesia Mission May2013-2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

“Mawwage. Mawwage is what bwings us togeva today."

Mission Leadership Conference March 2015

Elders Litster and Murphy 
The day to day normal missionary life is something I will never get bored of; but going to a wedding is a nice change up once in a blue moon. It gives our investigators and new members a chance to socialize with long time members and I've never been known to turn down an offer for free food, so all around it's a win. The president of the elders quorum tied the knot last Saturday at the church with a sister from Jogjakarta. Weddings here are a bit different than the Mormon receptions back in Utah, full of rice, traditional Javanese music, and funky improv songs. Brother Antonius got into the mix and sang a nice Ambon song with another member from Tangerang. After the wedding at the Harmoni ward, we swung on over to the South Jakarta ward with a few of our investigators and members for a fireside activity put on by the missionaries serving over there. It was fun seeing former members and people I know from that area again. Overall, it was a solid day.:)

The work is progressing. Investigators are still learning. Ummm... What else do you want to know? Cool experience last week: we had some time after an appointment to go RT proselyting and were walking along and felt impressed to start down a street to the right. Usually at 2 o' clock in the afternoon, not a lot of families are home because of the work schedule here, but a nice Muslim man led us to a house where a Pak Axxx came out and welcomed us in. His wife was there too and wanted to go to the market in the next 5 minutes, so it was a total "coincidence" that we were there right at that time. These two had been married for 5 years, but had never had children. Finally, they had a son. And he lived only for 3 years and then passed on to the other side. They were wondering where he was because so many people had told them different things. We felt impressed to teach the Plan of Salvation and tell them exactly where their little boy was. It was a nice feeling leaving their house knowing we were used by the Lord to find and give answers to His children who were seeking. 

We're still reading the Book of Mormon in 80 days and have found that what we read that day can be applied in one of our lessons with an investigator or member. We just finished reading Mosiah 24 about the people of Alma being put under bondage by the former high priest, Amulon, and how "they did place many heavy burdens upon their backs which were grievous to be borne." Alma's people had that much faith that the Lord visited them in their afflictions and gave them power to submit cheerfully to the will of the Lord. Sometimes we ask for a situation to be changed, but what ends up happening is the Lord giving us power and strength to bear our heavy burdens until the time He decides we should be freed. It's all about perspective. :) 

Thanks for the support and prayers everybody! Hope you all have a great week. 

Elder Barrus

Surabaya with Elders Heiner and Blaser and a former investigator who got baptized.

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