Elder Seth Barrus

Elder Seth Barrus
Jakarta Indonesia Mission May2013-2015

Monday, March 9, 2015

Mau Pulang (So you want to go home?)

Axxxxxxxxx got baptized! The water was a little green and he slipped a bit while coming back out, but hey, Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan and I hear that river was filthy. Count your blessings eh? Axxxxxxxxxxxx had so many mental and physical challenges leading up to his baptism yesterday, we were happy it ended up happening. To be 100% honest, we didn't do much to get him in the water. He was one of those children called by God to be a member of His church. And he responded wholeheartedly and enthusiastically. He's gonna be a great member! 

Really most of what I feel is important from last week happened with investigators. Yup. Nothing too extreme happening as far as new news or volcanoes going off. Ooh! But president did call Elder Jones and Elder Troff to be the new office missionaries until we can get a mission couple serving here. We are stoked!! Because that means most of our responsibilities with finances, missionary orders, letter sending, reimbursements, etc were given to them,so Elder Wintolo and I just get to focus on training the missionaries. So we're happy and grateful for both of them.

Aleks: His parents came to the mission home at Senopati last Saturday to meet with President and Sister Donald and according to President, just had a nice quality conversation where their questions were answered. Most of their questions we're doctrinal, but more based towards what expectations are placed upon Aleks as a member of our church. President answered their questions honestly and openly and built some trust between them. It was an important step.

Axxx: I've never seen a man more well dressed coming to church than him. We're still working on the whole "white shirt and tie" concept. But Elder Troff gave him a tie, and we have extra white shirts lying around Senopati. So we'll give him one. But! He told us some exciting news yesterday that he wants to be baptized!! Previous to that, he was always telling us hold off. But he totally opened up yesterday and said the 19th of April he will be baptized! Still a long time in the future, but he won't be going anywhere. He loves our church!

Axxxx: (Ha ha! All our investigators' names start with A) He's actually a new member that moved to Bali after being baptized in Surabaya. Bless his heart, he misses Surabaya so much. The church is Bali is existent, but so small. I think 10 people came to church last Sunday. But he still went to church because he knows its true. Cool guy.

Bxxx: Had a quality conversation with him. We asked if Jesus himself were to appear to him and tell him to be baptized in this church, would he do it? And he said yes. We then said how much easier is it then, for him just to send two of his servants to your house and say the same thing? We invited him to be baptized on the19th of April as well and he said he'll think about it. He came to church yesterday and loved it! Elder Wintolo was awesomely bold with him yesterday. Bxxx was going off about how awesome his current church is, and elder Wintolo said "Other churches bring salvation, yes, because all men will be saved from physical death and inherit a part of God's kingdom. But this church brings exaltation." Bxxx asked "Does my church have exaltation?" And Elder Wintolo answered with what I'm sure was an inspired Elder Holland-like answer: "I promise that your church doesn't." We then testified and closed. Slowly but surely with him. Sister Lely (his wife) gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday too.

Nxxxxxxxxx: Seriously. I love this guy to bits. He hasn't consumed tea or coffee since last Sunday, and we asked him why. And he said "Because I consider you two my teacher. If I don't do what you ask me to do. how can I know what you're saying is true?" Hmmmm. Good point. Still hasn't committed to being baptized, but he keeps coming to church and meeting with us. So it's just a matter of time with him.

There are others. But those are the ones we're praying hardest for. 

Last Tuesday Sister Donald handed me a piece of paper. Turns out, it was my ticket home. Man. So weird. I've made a pact with the Lord that if I focused and worked hard, especially these last two months, that He would inspire me to know what to do the rest of my life when I get home. And that I don't really need to worry about it right now. :) It's worked so far. Elder Troff, Jones, and Wintolo have ganged up on me, coming up with songs, jokes, and pictures in attempts to make me trunky. But it's all fruitless! Ha!

That's about it from my side of the world. Hope everyone has just the dandiest week!

Elder Seth Barrus

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