Elder Seth Barrus

Elder Seth Barrus
Jakarta Indonesia Mission May2013-2015

Sunday, July 27, 2014

PLD, Splits and Suits

Good morning everybody! How did you all spend your Idul Fitri? Did you spend it banging on drums and praying in mosques until 8:00 am? We sure did. Well, we didn't. But our friendly Muslim neighbors did. The end of the 30 day fast called Ramadhan culminated in one big night of celebrations. It's kinda weird to have it in the middle of the summer, but everyone has work off and has an entire week of holiday this week. So some investigators headed home already and won't be back for another week, and some others will just have the entire week off to meet with us. But hooray! We can eat in public again!

The Lord blessed us bountifully this past week. We went over D&C 20:37 with Brother Exxxxx, discussed it in detail, and if he holds true to his commitment, he should be ready to be baptized on the 9th of August. Mas Dxxxx also came to church yesterday! It's a huge accomplishment for any investigator to make it to church, and for Dxxxx it's a step towards his conversion. He asks such golden and sincere questions- it's obvious he's been prepared by the Lord to receive the fullness of the Gospel. The members really rallied around him too when he came, so even though I was asked to play piano for sacrament meeting, he had members sitting with him, answering his questions and making him feel comfortable. He also accepted the commitment to be baptized on the 10th of August! It's the day that Elder Suryono goes home to Bandung, so that would be awesome to end his mission like that. 

We held PLD this past week at the Jakarta Selatan church and had a very uplifting meeting where President kinda got it into us that we need to read and follow everything in Preach My Gospel. He promised that all answers to missionary work questions are in there. He also said a ton of other stuff I wouldn't have enough time to fit it in this email, but essentially I left feeling that I had a lot I needed to do. A group of 15 missionaries all go home on the 10th of August, so the few that were in the Jawa Barat Zone gave their parting words of encouragement and what they learned on their missions. This mission is going to go through a huge overhaul in the next 3 months. It's gonna be crazygonuts. It makes me glad I'm not President Donald, and makes me grateful that he is President.

We went on splits with the youth last Saturday and I got to go with Ezra Subandriyo (who served his mission in 2009 in Ogden) and a 14-year old young man named Jojo. It was really funny because as people on the bus saw us get on, they started talking to Jojo asking "hey, where do you work?" Ha ha! It gave him some great opportunities to see what a mission is really like.

Gereja adalah benar! Maju terus dan jangan mundur! (The Church is true! Go forward and not backward!)

Elder Seth Barrus

 This the AP's and I sporting our new suits right after we picked them up from being made.

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