Elder Seth Barrus

Elder Seth Barrus
Jakarta Indonesia Mission May2013-2015

Monday, July 7, 2014


Here's a photo from last MLC--suit jackets and all. President doesn't like us wearing them, 
but it gets so darn cold in the mission home, we have to wear them or we'll freeze to death.

It's funny how many acronyms we use on the mission. We had Mission Leader Conference (MLC) last Tuesday, followed up by Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) the following Friday. The wisdom and teachings that come out of President Donald's mouth are amazing! I could listen to him for hours. Some of the things he mentioned, like changing baptismal services to Saturday, teaching Lesson 5 from Preach My Gospel before baptism as well as after, and new pass along cards, were some exciting policy changes. But also he spent a good chunk of time talking about how to motivate missionaries in our zone. 

There is one line he emphasized that I hope to apply the rest of my mission: "The Best Missionary in you is yet to come." So true. We have 15 missionaries going home in August, and just over 20 coming in the next few months, which means a LOT of turnover. It's gonna be so crucial that those who are going home leave on a high note, rather than just packing it in and calling it good. President Donald emphasized the point that we need to repent daily. We should always be looking for ways to improve. It was such an awesome MLC! I just hope Elder Suryono and I are able to convey the same message to the missionaries in our zone--Jawa Barat.

Technology! We also got permission from President and the Area Presidency to start using.... Facebook for proselyting! Pretty cool no? We've been chomping at the bit to use fb because Indonesia is the 2nd largest user of facebook in the world. (United States is first.) That's a pretty big pool we haven't tapped into yet. All the ZL's in the mission have a facebook page that we share and will begin to use to help investigators, new members, and ordinary Indonesians learn more about the gospel and stay strong. #notyettwitter

Elder Suryono's been really sick the last 3 days, but today he's feeling a little bit better. We didn't get to go out and visit with all the investigators we were meaning to, but we did find a new investigator whose name is Mas Exxxxxx. He was contacted by Elder Broberg on a bus about 6 months ago, but no one's been able to follow up with him.  We called him up and met at the church and had an awesome lesson! He still doesn't quite understand why he has to be baptized again, but he came to church yesterday and we're meeting him later today to ask how it went. Brother Exxxx also came to church and he smokes even less now! He hopefully will be baptized earlier than the 26th of July, but we'll be patient with him. We also had 3 friends of a member show up to church yesterday, all from Ambon. There's an air of enthusiasm for missionary work here in Jakarta that's exciting!

We're meeting a lot more people on the buses and busway and angkots who are interested in learning the Gospel. And I believe it's no coincidence. We learn that Alma the younger was restored to health because of the prayers of the righteous. We learn that entire cities are saved from destruction because of the prayers of the righteous. Obedience is the price that brings power to our prayers. It's a small price to pay in consideration for what the Savior did for all of us.

Dengan kasih, (with love)
Elder Barrus

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