Elder Seth Barrus

Elder Seth Barrus
Jakarta Indonesia Mission May2013-2015

Monday, June 2, 2014

Selamat June!

Selamat pagi everybody! This last week was full of fun experiences. Elder Suryono and I hopped on a train over to Bogor to do a split with the District Leader and his companion. I like to call him Elder McCleary. Here's a picture:

 It was fun to catch up with him and relish about the glory days of when West Jordan beat Riverton. It was a fun split! He's a great missionary and will do awesome work in Bogor. 

I feel bad for not sending any pictures the last couple weeks, so I'm making up for it this week by sending some more. After coming home from Bogor, we went to a wedding at the Jakarta church for Elder Subandriyo's son, Ezra, and his fiance. It was fun because Elder Subandriyo was one of the first church leaders here in Indonesia. He's been great in working with the government here getting the word out about our church. 

​As for our own investigators go, we have the awesome opportunity to meet and teach Pak Dxxx this last week. Or Doctor Dxxx, I should say. He's an optometrist from Manado who came down to Jakarta for some extra training this last month. He's done a ton of humanitarian work with Elder and Sister Lucherini, in helping with the flood and other projects. He came to church yesterday and also came to a "cottage meeting" that President Donald and the AP's put on at the mission home where a bunch of investigators and new members gathered together to watch "The Restoration" and hear each other's testimonies. The Spirit was really strong! Brother Dxxx goes home to Manado next Sunday, so we're praying that the elders up there are able to continue meeting with him. He's really big about "by their fruits ye shall know them." The Church in Manado gets a lot of bad press just because no one actually knows about it. But Doctor Dxxx is telling all his friends and family back home to give the church a chance and to learn about it. He's willing to try it and see if this is the path the Lord wants him to take. Oh and that's my companion to the left. He's short. Shorter than Elder Hendro, my trainer. Ha ha! But he's hilarious and works hard. 

The Lord is truly hastening his work in Jawa Barat (West Java)! Remember Tangerang? They have a whole family of four that will be baptized this next Sunday! As we do our part to listen, to be humble, listen, and follow the Holy Ghost, we will be lead to those who are searching for the truth. D&C 100:4.

Selamat June!
Elder Barrus 

                               Me in typical Jakarta. Super rich apartments next to super poor shacks.

                                         "Share the gospel with all creatures" including goats.

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