Elder Seth Barrus

Elder Seth Barrus
Jakarta Indonesia Mission May2013-2015

Monday, June 16, 2014

Selamat Hari Ayah! (Happy Father's Day)

Selamat Hari Ayah all you fathers out there! It's not celebrated here in Indonesia, but that doesn't take away the celebrating going on in my head. Thanks for all you dads do. Especially my own dad! Love you dad!

This last week was crazy!! We planned on going on splits with the Tangerang District, but they called Tuesday night saying Elder Honda was throwing up and it probably wouldn't be a good idea to come down that week. So we ended up going to Bekasi and doing a split with this elder: 


His name is Elder Tufaga and he is from Hawaii. He was trained by one of my fellow MTC colleagues, Elder Kyle, and his Indonesian is already great! He weighs about 230 pounds so he definitely slept on the bottom bunk. Schnikies! I look little next to him. And white. But he's a great elder! We taught this preacher from another church and he testified so well that the preacher actually received a Kitab Mormon. It was a fun split! 

While Elder Suryono and I were in Bekasi, we got a phone call from Elder James in Bandung saying that President James wanted their investigator baptized this Sunday, instead of waiting a week. So we hopped on a bus the next day, and after a 3 hour bus ride, arrived in "the Paris of Jawa"- Bandung! We did splits with Elder James and his companion, Elder Pxxxxxxxx. I went with Elder Pxxxxxxxx. (You still remember Axxx from Medan? Yep. Same guy.) It was fun! Elder James has the elders down there doing some great work. And my companion is from Bandung and hopefully when he goes home, he'll be able to help further the work. 

                                                            This is us after English class.

Gross story of the week. Last night Elder Suryono and I were going to an investigator's house. He lives close to some apartment buildings that are being built, but lives in a little shack. It had rained pretty hard that day, flooding the field leading towards his house. We took a roundabout way so we wouldn't be walking in water. It was kinda dark and with the whole "open sewers" thing here in Indonesia, it's also hard to tell the difference between sewers and rivers if there's any flooding. I took one wrong step with my left foot and sunk about shin-deep into some awesome muck. I pulled my leg out and the smell wafted up into our noses. I'm kinda used to the smell after serving in Medan, but  Elder Suryono has a weak stomach. He almost threw up... Our investigator wasn't there, so after quickly hosing off, we took a taxi home and showered immediately. The mission life is Awesome! 

Bang Txxxxxxx is from Medan. He's met with missionaries before, but for whatever reason, stopped meeting with them. We called him up last week, gave him another Kitab Mormon, and he came to church yesterday! The first time we met him, he was completely against being baptized, because he said he's already been baptized in another church. But after church yesterday, we met with him and he said "If it's really what the Lord wants me to do, I'll do it. But I'll need to study first." Sweet! 

Elder Seth Michael Barrus
Me, Elder Suryono, the AP's,a new member, and an investigator, went roaming around Jakarta last week for PDay. We rode this double decker bus. it was fun! 

Elder James found this Mexican restaurant in Bandung called Perky Pedro's. It had legitimate Mexican food! 

                                                  Doing my best 'garuda' (eagle) impression. 

Here's a fun photo of someone that Grandma, Grandpa, Tad and Michelle would recognize:

                      Her name is Libby Sproats. And she is from West Lafayette, Indiana. Small world!

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