Elder Seth Barrus

Elder Seth Barrus
Jakarta Indonesia Mission May2013-2015

Monday, May 19, 2014

Perpindahan (Transfers!)

It was so great to skype with you all last week! No worries, it didn't make me trunky at all. :) Just good to see you all. Ha ha! And actually eventually talk back. (It took us 90 minutes to actually connect so we could see and hear each other. Finally just waited for one of the other elders to finish their call so Seth could borrow their headphones.)

It was kinda tough at the beginning, but the last 5 months in Tangerang has been really enjoyable. President Donald called up last week and said I'm moving to... Jakarta! My companion will be Elder Suryono from Bandung, who was actually Elder Heiner's trainer. My companion, Elder Sutadiyono, is moving to a quaint little village called Magelang in Jawa Tengah. Elder Sutadiyono and I have been companions for the last 7 months. Crazy long, but we've had so many fun memories and experiences together, it's gonna be weird to split with him. But he's gonna be a great missionary no matter where he moves! (I asked about the last names being so similar.) There's a Sutadiyono (my companion now) a Suryono (my future companion) and a Sadiyono (Elder Murphy's companion). They're not very creative with their names.

            So this is me saying goodbye to the lovely city of Tangerang. It's been quite the fun ride, Tangerang. 

We were definitely blessed this last full week to meet some new people that the new missionaries can work with. All 3 new investigators we met were Batak, a tribe from Medan. Ahh yeah! Each time, we approached their door, after asking where the Christians lived, and explained who we were and what our names are. Every time they see "Barrus" they get really excited and invite us in because "Barus" is a tribal name in the Batak Karo region, so they automatically assume I'm from their family. I've never been quite so grateful for my Barrus heritage before. Ha ha ha! 

Mas Hxxx can't yet commit to a baptismal date yet, but he still wants to learn with the new missionaries. He knows it's all true, but it just hasn't... clicked yet for him. Brother Wxxxxxxx just needs time. He'll come around one day. 

      You see some weeeeiird stuff in Indonesia. Elder Canfield and I were on a split last week and passed by this                          awesome Elvis Presley- like chicken. Ha ha! He's got quite the flop going on. 

Joseph Smith said ".. the time has gone by when (Mormonism) is looked upon as a transient matter, or a bubble on the wave, and it is now taking a deep hold in the hearts and affections of all those who are noble-minded enough to lay aside the prejudice of education, and investigate the subject with candor and honesty." We had an investigator text us last week saying his knowledge of the Gospel conflicted with the Book of Mormon, so he couldn't keep learning. This was even before we had a chance to follow up with him to see if he had even read and prayed about it. If anybody has a pure heart in searching for the truth, God promises to make the truth of it known to that man if he does his part. I testify that it's true!

Elder Seth Barrus

PS  Right! Package- so Elder Heiner's CTR Clothing white shirts have been incredible. It's like they're made out of titanium or something. Could you throw 1 or 2 of those shirts in the package? And fruit snacks. I can't find those anywhere. But I am moving to Jakarta and they say you can find anything in Jakarta. So we'll see. :) 

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