Elder Seth Barrus

Elder Seth Barrus
Jakarta Indonesia Mission May2013-2015

Monday, May 5, 2014

Note to Future Wife

Happy Cinco de Mayo! There is zero Mexican culture here in Tangerang, but there is this random Texan that sells Mexican food, so we're gonna go celebrate after we're done emailing. Woot! 

We got to experience a lot of Javanese culture this last week. You remember Mas Bxxxxxxxx? He married Sister Dxxxx in accordance with the government on a Thursday. Then in accordance with Jawa Culture,  they had a traditional Javanese wedding on Saturday. Which means lots of big hair, tons of makeup, swords hanging out the back of the guys' shirts, smashing of eggs, cleaning of feet, weird jawa dances, funky music, and lots of tofu and tempeh. It was sagat fun!

This is the Javanese wedding. Check out Sister Dhian's hair! Note to future wife- no need to go all out like this.

We also started this English class with the new program Sister Gong made in Hong Kong that uses mormonmessages and songs and starts and ends with a prayer. We're getting a lot of member support with this new program. Here's a picture! (It was after the wedding, hence the cool Jawa clothes.)

Mas Hxxxx didn't come to church because he's still a little afraid to talk to his boss and see if he can have Sundays off, but we had a great week with him last week. We watched the Joseph Smith film and he really liked it. We also had a fantastic lesson with Brother Wxxxxxx. We taught the Restoration in full, (even used some of Al-Quran to explain the relationship we have between God), and ended by giving a commitment to pray and come to church. He totally agreed to pray about it, but he kind of set us straight and said he'll come to church when he figures out it's all true. And with other investigators, I'd be kinda doubtful. But since Brother Wxxxxxx is really that kind of guy who will do what he says he will, I have total faith that he'll come one day. It was also his birthday last week, so we went to the Harvest and bought him a triple layer chocolate cake and surprised him. Only to find out he can't eat chocolate. It makes him throw up. Oops... 

Sounds like you had a blast with the other missionary moms! Sometimes we missionaries think that "missionary moms" is a cult, because you know things even before we do... Ha ha! That's fun that Elder Murphy's mom is coming up! Tell her that her son was my favorite companion in the MTC. And favorite white elder in Surabaya. And also my favorite Mexican in Medan. I love that man. 

To answer your questions:

1. I like Missionary Mall socks. My CTR Clothing socks are getting random holes in the toes. But the missionary mall ones are holding up great!
2. The best way to send audio of General Conference is on a flashdisk. But no worries, we've been downloading the talks on Elder Canfield's flashdrive lately and listening to them after we email. An Ensign magazine with all the talks would be just perfect. 
4. Right! Mother's Day. There's been no official word, but you can plan on skyping 9:00 am here Monday. If it changes, we'll be given permission to email again. But plan on that. :) And yes, rumor has it that we only get to skype for 30 minutes. (But we're having Zone Training Meeting this week, so should get the official word then.)

In Omni 1:26 we read that we should come unto Christ and offer our whole souls unto Him as an offering. We don't need to sacrifice goats or sheep anymore, but we are asked to sacrifice our whole souls as an offering. And as we do so, we'll find He will deepen our joys, expand our understanding, and strengthen our spirituality. 

Elder Seth Barrus 

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