Elder Seth Barrus

Elder Seth Barrus
Jakarta Indonesia Mission May2013-2015

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tetap Bersama. Selamanya.(Stay together. Forever.)

Howdy hey everybody! Another round of random transfers came and went (Because a new group of bules came in today. 14!)  and when all the dust settled, Elder Sutadiyono and I are staying in Tangerang together. By the time we have another chance at transfers, we will have been companions for about 6.5 months. I'm totally cool with it because my son is awesome. I just feel bad he has to stay with his father for this long. Kasihan... (too bad)

Tangerang's been really bipolar with the weather lately. Really really hot and sunny some days, and then pouring rain, which led to flooding, some other days. But it hasn't hindered the work! We met up with Mas Tixxand he's kinda the same. He knows it's all true, but he wants so bad to please everybody. Long story short, he'll be in Bogor for the next 2 Sundays. He quit drinking coffee and tea though. Score! Mas Txx came to church and learned about the Priesthood. He really enjoys coming to church to learn, but we asked if he's prayed to know if it's true. Aaaand he hadn't. Need some more time with him.

Fun story of the week, there was a service project dealio in Jakarta Saturday morning which included a free eye doctor exam and free glasses. Around 300 people showed up and made it a really fun event! We didn't know where to go after, (code for no appointments) so we searched for an investigator who never picks up her phone. We ended up finding her, her name is Ibu LM, she's Batak (from Medan) and has been reading the Kitab Mormon like crazy! We asked how far and she pulled it out and pointed to Moroni 7. She ended up receiving a baptismal commitment for the 23rd of March and wanted to come to church the next day. She's never been so we arranged to go with a member to go pick her up. We woke up at 5 am Sunday morning, hopped in the member's car at 6, got to her house at 7, and learned she couldn't come this week. But her little brother wanted to come. His name is Pak Safari (Name points!). We'll see if anything happens there.

Elder Heiner and Elder Sutarno had this super golden investigator a couple months ago, but haven't been able to contact him since November. So we've called him on and off for a couple of weeks, when he randomly picked up yesterday after church. He agreed to meet us at the church and boy, did he bring questions. Like the soul searching type. Yeah. Those ones. His mom passed away last December, along with 6 others of his close associates. The first thing he told us is that he's been thinking a lot about death lately. Clearly. He asked about everything, from Joseph Smith (how he wasn't burned when he saw Jesus and Heavenly Father), to life after death, the fall of Adam, and life after death. He speaks fluent English so it was half in English, and half in Indonesian. Weird as heck to teach in English. But when he knows it's all true, he wants to be baptized. As he was leaving, he said "You know, my friends don't really like you guys. But I think you guys are great." Aww... Thanks Exxxxxx. Hopefully things turn out with him.

James E. Talmadge said in "Jesus the Christ": "Every human soul is stamped with the image and superscription of God, however blurred and indistinct the line may have become thru the corrosion or attrition of sin; and as unto Caesar should be rendered the coins upon which his effigy appear, so unto God should be given the souls that bear His image." Everyone I meet have God's superscription in them. Through repentance, baptism, and living the principles of the Gospel, every person can realize their real potential within themselves.

Elder Seth Michael Barrus

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