Elder Seth Barrus

Elder Seth Barrus
Jakarta Indonesia Mission May2013-2015

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Small and Simple Means

This last week was an odd one. Some advice I got before my mission was to focus entirely on the positive and by the end, the positives will most definitely outweigh the negatives. Mas Bxxxxxxxx was sick all last week and could never meet with us, or come to church. Mas Txx couldn't make it to church and as we were talking to his pacar (girlfriend), Sister Kxxxxxx, she mentioned how giving him a baptismal commitment last week made him feel a little uncomfortable. And Mas Txx couldn't come to church yesterday because he was in Bogor. We still had the opportunity to meet with Mas Txx and had a great lesson! We talked about the importance of the Atonement and how he can only receive it fully as he takes the sacrament and is baptized. He still wants to be baptized, but now in March. He has such great faith! He asked about smoking and how it's not in the Alkitab, so is it against the commandments? We answered by reading 1 Cor. 3:15-16 and then explained about the Word of Wisdom. Even though he has no idea why he has to stop drinking tea and coffee, he said he's willing to do it. He's definitely a blessing to Elder Sutadiyono and I. 

For the first time on my mission, I"m grateful for sambal (Indonesian hot sauce). I'm usually down to eat some usus (chicken intestines) whenever I have the opportunity. But when we ate them with the Wxxxxxx family the other night, these ones were just gross. Luckily, there was some sambal which kinda numbed my mouth and tongue, allowing said usus to be swallowed. Desperate situations call for desperate measures. Anyway before that, we taught Brother T Wxxxxxxo from the Kitab Mormon. We read 1 Nephi 8 together and I think it's the first time he's actually read it. He was a little hesitant at first, but once we got into it, showing a picture and all, he seemed really okay with it. We're inviting him to come to church this week...

Not having a lot of investigators who want to meet means we got to do a lot of proselyting. Since we have a rule where we can't go knocking on doors, we resort to some creative means to proselyte. Sometimes we ask "Where do the Christians live?" (Muslims are quite willing to volunteer their Christian neighbors), introduce English class, ask if there's anyone here who wants to hear a message just about families, or sometimes we just start asking people if they know about the Kitab Mormon. If you have any other ideas, feel free to suggest them my way. 

Yay! We finally met up with Bishop Rxxxxx and his fam. Probably the most intimidating
 lesson of my life. They all spoke perfect English. And Indonesian. And Mandarin. 
From Alma 37:6-7 we learn that through very small and simple ways the Lord brings to pass His purpose among the children of men. Pray for small opportunities to introduce the Gospel and it will be given to you. Hidup adalah enak!  (Life is good!)

Elder Seth Barrus

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