Elder Seth Barrus

Elder Seth Barrus
Jakarta Indonesia Mission May2013-2015

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Still Flying to Indonesia

We got to talk to Seth last night while they were at the airport waiting for their flight. About 20 minutes into our conversation, we noticed his flight had been delayed for about an hour. So he had to hang up and call Church Travel. They said not to worry unless it was delayed even longer, because then they'd miss their connection in San Francisco. But, they left at 11:13, instead of 10:51, so they must have made it or we would probably have heard about it.

Then he called us back and we probably talked for about an hour between both calls. He told us that he gave out 2 Pass Along cards on the FrontRunner on the way up to the airport. One of the sisters gave away a Book of Mormon! Then they ate at Cafe Rio. He's the flight leader, and so were Brandon and Matt. (Alphabetical order...) So, he was a little more nervous about that. 

They were flying to San Francisco, then to Taipei, then on to Jakarta.  They will arrive at midnight tonight, our time. It will be 1:00 pm Indonesia time on Wednesday. That means they'll have flown 25 hours! (Well, with 2 two hour layovers.) 

He said he really liked living at Wyview. It was quieter and less crowded and they had a few perks. They could go to the Creamery at Wyview, which is a little grocery store. They had a refrigerator in their apartment, so they could keep milk and ice cream and stuff like that. One of the elders was bummed because they had bacon up at the main MTC on Wednesdays, but not at MTC West, so the other elders found some bacon at the Creamery and some aluminum foil and they wrapped up a couple of slices in the foil and ironed it. He said it turned out great and the elder didn't complain anymore...

They had the Sunday Devotional at the Wyview Chapel and beamed it up to the main MTC, so that was fun. They had turned off the stoves and taken away the microwaves, so no microwave popcorn. He said the food was pretty good--the same as the main MTC, but not as many choices and no lines. And they got ice cream every day. Main MTC only has it on Wednesdays and Sundays.

He said again how great his district was and how much they enjoyed each other and helped each other out. He also sent a box with stuff he didn't need to take to Indonesia, along with his broken camera with the pictures on it that he took at the MTC, so I'll post a few. I asked him if he was nervous or worried about culture shock, but he just said, "No", that he was excited to go and start teaching. 

His desk at the main MTC. Note the fruit snacks--a favorite!

His dorm room at the main MTC. Double bunk beds.

Name tag

Looks like Becca's old apartment at Wyview.

Classroom at RainTree. Seems a little crowded--there are several classrooms in each apartment .

Covered in the contents of the birthday box we sent him. More fruit snacks.

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