Elder Seth Barrus

Elder Seth Barrus
Jakarta Indonesia Mission May2013-2015

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summary of the last few letters

I thought maybe we'd get an email from Seth today because it's PDay, but so far no letter. We did, however, receive a few "snail mail" letters this last week, so I'll combine them all and give you the Readers Digest condensed version:

I think I've learned more Indonesian in the last 4 days than Spanish in 2 years, at least Gospel-wise. I can bear my testimony, pray and ask "Where is the bathroom?", all in Bahasa Indonesian!

We got gym time today and Josh would be happy to know that I got torn up by Elder Cooper Ainge and Elder McCleary. I've lost all my skills, so I just ran around. :)

We're pretty much pros now that we've been here for 4 days. We really know our way around. Ha ha, just kidding. There are times we call each other "Elder Noob" if we forget something simple.

In my room, it's me, Elder Murphy, my companion, Elder Kyle from Atlanta and Elder Gil from Miami and they're way cool! Elder Kyle always has his nose buried in the Indonesian dictionary and has probably learned Indonesian speak the best. Elder McClearly, Elder Heiner, Elder Wood, and Elder Blaser are in the other room. Sister Sheffield and Sister Jibson are also in our district.

Thank you, thank you, thankyou, terema kasin for the package and your "dear elders"!! They definitely helped the first full day go by better! I can see clearly now! I'll send pictures with my new goggles on PDay, which is Thursday, I think. (We sent him a some new glasses.) We now have an hour to email, so don't be afraid to write long messages.

Saya tahu bahwa Gereja adalah benar! (I know the Church is true.) Indonesian lesson for the day: "tohu" is pronounced "tah-ow" not "tahu" "Tahu" means "tofu". :)

I know this sounds weird by I feel like I'm surrounded by family everywhere I go. There's an elder in my zone going to Slovakia that reminds me of Matt. My Branch President is almost a spitting image of Grandpa Killian. His name is President Mickelsen. And the speaker on Sunday night had the mannerisms of Scott Killian. His name was Shane Littlefield.

If you can't tell, I struggle with finding things to put in my letters from the MTC. Heck, if we hear we get to go outside for class, that's like breaking news!!!

Tell Bran thanks for the "dear elder" and that I'll reply when I have time to send a heartfelt message.

I hope your Sabbath Day was great, because mine was absolutely incredible! Guess who we ran into? Mary Ellen Edmunds! I totally forgot she was scheduled to come talk to the MTC missionaries and tonight was the night! She gave such a great talk! You have one inspiring and amazing friend, Mom! Tell her her talk was incredible!

The Church sure is true! I've had many reconfirmations of its truthfulness. But my ultimate conversion is to Christ.

Sampai Jumpa!

Elder Baroos

Mary Ellen sent me an email after she'd seen him:

Oh, I had the most glorious, happifying, unforgettable time last night!!  And I SAW HIM!!  I saw Elder Barrus!  And at least part of his district!  They sent their 2 linebackers first (the two Sisters), and they squealed and we just had a great time!  I asked "Apa kabar," and they responded!  I hugged the sisters and shook hands with the Elders.  Seth wanted to hug me, and I sure wanted to hug him, and he asked "Can I hug you?"  And I said "No..." (and he could tell I wanted to hug him!).  We shook hands vigorously.  He looks SO GOOD!!  Oh, I really had an incredible time!  Can't wait to send him a note!  
I love you so much!!  MAJU TERUS (sort of like "Carry On!")  That's what I said to them!
More love,

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