Elder Seth Barrus

Elder Seth Barrus
Jakarta Indonesia Mission May2013-2015

Monday, August 25, 2014

Trip to Bandung

Nobody outside of Indonesia would understand how much Alma 2 was a fulfillment of prophecy of the election results of the new Indonesian President this past week. I'll explain later.

Great week! We just got back from an exchange in Bandung. The whole situation has been kinda nuts because they have 6 investigators with baptismal commitments, and only one companionship down there. So on Friday morning, we hopped on a bus, trekked the 3 hours to Bandung and started the baptismal interviews. When I mean 'we', I mean Elder Sutadi and I, the District Leader here in Jakarta, because Elder Sutarno and I had investigators coming to church that needed to be nourished and watered. Long story short, all 6 of the Bandung investigators will be baptized soon! It's been awesome to see how the Elders serving there the last couple months have really turned Bandung into the promised land of missionary work. That baptismal font should get flood insurance! Since the interviews after church ran long, we missed our bus back to Jakarta. So we booked 2 tickets for this morning and just arrived here in Senopati about an hour ago. Crazy weekend.
On the lame side of the coin, Dxxxx dropped a heavy box on his foot at work last week and wasn't able to meet at all. But he's still on schedule to be baptized the 7th of September. Ixxxx is still Awwwwe--some! We learned about the temple last week and he said, "Where's the closest one?) He was crushed to hear that the closest temple is in the Philippines, but he's going inside someday! The day after we met him, he texted us saying he was super sick. This morning he explained that he has to get his tonsils removed. Gross. I told him I know how he feels. Well, at least my older sister, Becca, does. He didn't come to church either, but he's still set to be baptized the 6th of September.

Good news of the week: we met  with Brother Exxxxx! 
Weird news of the week: he wants to get baptized! .... on the 9th of November.
Yep. We had a spiritual lesson about the Atonement and how if he stops smoking for this next week, he would be considered ready for baptism on the 30th of August. We gave him the commitment and his reply was "the earlier the better Elder. But I woke up the other night and had a feeling '9 November'."  We knelt and prayed with him and told him to text us his final answer later at night. And he said the same. Oh well. Only can do so much eh? We'll keep visiting him, but he's kinda already learned everything. 

Profile picture for "Mormon Jawa Barat" facebook page
Facebook's doing just grand. We're still working through the kinks and process, but starting to make some progress. This last week, I contacted a lady on an angkot and gave her a Kitab Mormon. She added us on fb and posted on her wall "met a bule in the angkot earlier. He loaned me a strange bible. And he knew batak." Ha ha!

No pictures this week. But I hope everybody's doing great! I leave this, my weekly email, with an invitation to "sweep the earth as with a flood" by not just posting pictures of dumb cats on your facebook timeline. But rather by posting videos, church pictures, and your testimony for all your friends to see. Then we get to fulfill prophecy. Pretty cool no? 

Tot zeins! 

Elder Seth Barrus

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