Elder Seth Barrus

Elder Seth Barrus
Jakarta Indonesia Mission May2013-2015

Monday, April 7, 2014

This Week in Pictures

I sure hope everybody had a great General Conference weekend! We have to wait for the translation and hopefully get to watch it this Saturday and Sunday. To switch things up today, this week's email will be in pictures! 

Like I said last week, we went to the beach for Pday! I'm a huge fan of Indonesian beaches because of the emphasis on modesty. It was super fun playing in the sand and taking dumb pictures. This is the Tangerang District. Me, Elder Canfield, Elder Heiner, and Elder Sutadiyono.

Angkot picture! The stock at the mission office is currently out of Kitab Mormons, so when my comp and I ride angkots, he carries around a Chinese Book of Mormon, and I carry my teeny tiny copy in English. 

French Toast! We have to wait for the General Conference CD to arrive in the mission office in Senopati, where it will be copied onto flashdisks and sent to all the wards and branches. So even though we don't get to watch Conference until next week, I made some General Conference french toast anyway. And my shirt has totally shrunk since buying it in Medan. Three cheers for missionary sleeve tans! 

Here is where I get to talk a little bit about the investigators. This is Brother Txx. Yep. Like "pohon" or "tree". He's gone through so much change it's incredible. He texted us last week saying he wanted to meet more often. So we sent his information to the Jakarta elders and they've been able to meet with him more than just the once a week at church that we've been doing. He said he prayed about the Kitab Mormon, (Finally!!) but hasn't received an answer yet. He'll get one though because that promise isn't from us as 19 year old kids, but from an All-knowing God. 

The prayers and fasting for Brother Txxxx Wxxxxxx have paid off. This last week, we planned on teaching a little bit about Joseph Smith's prayer and inviting him to church again. Right before we wanted to begin, he asked us two questions: why we consider Jesus "Lord" and why Ishmael wasn't the promised line. It's the first time he's actually asked us questions and we had an incredible lesson because of it. Your prayers for him will be much appreciated.

Mas Bxxxxxx came to church and was confirmed! He's still got a lot to learn as far as membership in the church goes (don't we all?) but he's got a solid foundation. And that gift of the Holy Ghost will help, too. We are teaching another new investigator, his name is Mas Hxxx, and he's awesome! He became interested with the church because he listened to some David Archuleta music and heard something on the internet that he was a Mormon. At this point, he knows the church is true and he wants to be baptized himself. So wherever you are David Archuleta, a random missionary in Indonesia is thanking you. Mas Hxxx's only problem is that he works every single day from 6 am until 2 pm. Church starts on Sundays at 8 and goes till 11. We're encouraging him to ask his boss for Sundays off. Even though it seems impossible, anything is possible through the Lord. 1 Nephi 3:7.

The Lord continually blesses those who continually hold fast to what He asks. Hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Seth Michael Barrus

                                 On top of the "Living World" overlooking the city of Tangerang.

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