Elder Seth Barrus

Elder Seth Barrus
Jakarta Indonesia Mission May2013-2015

Monday, December 16, 2013

_____est Week of the Mission

Hello semuanya!

You could fill any word into the title line and it would fit how I feel about last week. Happy, sad, crazy, weird, spiritual, long, sick, cool, etc. All would work. I'm really bad at organizing my thoughts, especially with all that happened last week, so I'm gonna make a list instead.

Numba 1: Remember Elder Mxxxxxx? He was my DL in Surabaya. His dad's been super sick for the last couple months and President gave him permission to visit him for a week here in Medan before he goes to his new area in Bogor. But he still is a missionary for 8 more months. Which means he needed a companion. And President asked me to go with him every day to his house and help comfort his dad. We took him to the doctor and finally got him some medicine the first day, but other than that, I was pretty much confused as to what I could do for an entire week. Push came to shove, and we studied. A LOT. So I didn't get to teach at all this week. But Elder Sxxxxxxxxx was in a threesome with Mxxxxxx and Murphy and taught Txxxxx and Rxxxxxx.

Nomor 2: Transfers. We all knew there were transfers coming up and the feeling we've been getting is that Murphy and Mxxxxx would transfer out, leaving me and my companion to finish his training. But, we got a call last Thursday saying that Elder Sxxxxxx and I are moving to Tangerang to finish up his training and help the current companionship there (since Tangerang is the biggest area in the mission).  Elder Mxxxxxxx is moving to be a ZL in Surabaya Timur (my first area) which leaves Elder Murphy here in Medan with Elder Costner. Did not see that one coming. I'm crazy happy here in Medan. But it seems that I'm needed more in Tangerang now. But in all honesty, 3 times is a lot for one missionary to move in his first 7 months. And it's tough because it's right before Christmas. No worries though, I've kinda gone through the whole "accepting God's will" thing the last couple days.

Nomero 3: Txxxx and Rxxxxx weren't baptized yesterday. Their mom, Ibu Mxxxxx's  brother that passed away last week causing them to miss church yesterday. We knew about it before and pushed their baptismal date to the 29th of December. Which means I'll miss it. It's really given me a testimony that the baptisms I get to take part in on my mission really aren't "mine". And even though I feel like "I" found them, I've learned that they were prepared by the Savior long before Elder Sxxxxxx found them. I'm still a bit sad, but no worries.

Number 4: President Riko and Sister Emma had their baby! First child born into the covenant here in Medan. Pretty cool no? Her name is Rebecca Wee Setiawan. Ha ha! That's all.

Even though I'm sad to leave Medan, I know I need to be in Tangerang for some reason. I won't necessarily miss the city itself, but I will definitely miss the people in it. I have grown to love and serve them as my own family and friends. This has been His work since the time I arrived and will be until the end of my mission. 

Hope everyone has a great week in preparation for Christmas!
Elder Seth Michael Barrus

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